katja blu designs
Expressionist paintings, metal jewelry, and sculpted creatures by Kate Anderson

kate anderson biography

     After many years writing and directing play's for youths, doing the occasional television commercial, circumstances changed and I turned to the study of painting. Taking college classes and workshops with well known artists I amassed what would be a BA in Art, having already received a BA and Teaching Credential at San Francisco State Univerity. I began selling small works around 1993 and in 1998 won the South West Artists Portrait Award (designed for my award!) and took first place in the oil division of the Mondavi juried exhibit.  One painting was also in the California State Fair that year. Other awards followed. It was a good year. After that, I concentrated on placing my work in various galleries in the Sacramento, California area and in Sarasota, Florida. 

     As we all know, by 2008 the market everywhere began to decline and galleries struggled to survive. But the bar raised for me in 2009 when I lost a parent. Any art business went out the window along with a move to the Bay Area to take care of the other parent.  During this time I produced some art and began to study metalwork with jewelry.There was not energy for the business end of art. It is now 2013 and just this past year allowed me to regain some momentum and start again the business of showing my work.  So, here we are, full circle so to speak, engines running with lots of design ideas, doing my best to learn new skills to accomodate the dearth of exciting concepts.

    My paintings are gravitating to the experimental use of mixed media, and abstractions. I may never lose form but shapes may become dominant. We shall see what evolves as the personal (not for sale) work with shapes in metal work influences the paintings and my experimental sculptures. I did have the jewelry on this site, but I wisely decided to focus on what comes naturally and relatively fast for me, imprinted, like a true friend, on my cerebellum and fingers. Life will be so much simpler now. more accessible, better. Hurray for sane decisions!

    The paintings and sculptures are signed as Kate A or Kate. Makes everything short and sweet. I have signed my paintings this way since 1998, but it may come to pass that they will be signed as 'katja'  in order to incorporate the initials of maiden and married last names. 

Note: I have added PayPal to this site, but only for sales of small works.