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(posted on 22 May 2014)

It has been a long time folks. Have not disappeared. Decided to showcase my paintings and sculptures and drop the jewelry line from the website. Focusing on both watermedia paintings and oils approaching the same subject matter, often abstracted, or fragmented, or collaged. Just want to see how far I can take it all and go back and forth to see what affects will run from one process to another. I will be posting new paintings next week and thereafter, a few every week. Let me know what you think.

(posted on 27 Nov 2013)

Some of the recent work's pricing did not take into consideration matting, framing, and glass. A glaring mistake I realized after going to the framer! So sorry, but otherwise I would be seriously in the red. That's how prices are today.

(posted on 26 Nov 2013)

Hi Everyone,

I have just updated the images on this site. There is still more to do as more paintings and art to wear jewelry enter the finish gate.

Am in the giddy-up stage now, getting ready for the big Holiday Arts Festival in Richmond, California. Sunday, December 8th. Remember now.

You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn (occasionally here).

Happy Gobble Day to those in the States.

Bye for now.

Hi Art Lovers,

The much awaited Holiday Arts Festival in Richmond,California, USA at the Richmond Art Center is coming! The day is Sunday, December 8, 2013 from 11am to 6pm. Admission is Free.

Along with many other local artisans, I will be offering my paintings and metal jewlery bugs for sale. All of us are part of the Handmade East Bay community. This event is for everyone as we will have kiddie activities, holiday decorations, food, coffee, and wine (at our cafe).

Next week I will post a couple photos of my work that will be for sale.

Until then, have a great week.

Bye now,


(posted on 20 Aug 2013)


Last call to see this wonderful show. One of my paintings is still for sale. "Hand Vibe" can be yours. She looks and feels like fun in the sun, beachy, with a hint of sensuality. My mixed media sculpture, Full Metal Jack, is still there, so you can see him. But he is sold.

This day is the only day that the boutique is open. It will start at 1pm and end at 3pm. A number of my "Katja" pieces in copper and silver will be for sale.

Remember the date: August 31, 2013 from 1pm to 3 pm

Where: The Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Hi Everyone, The AWA show continues up to Saturday, Aug, 31, 2013 . The closing reception is Sat. Aug. 31 from 1pm to 3pm at the Alameda Museum located at 2324 Alameda Ave in Alameda. This is off Park St. between Central and Encinal. AT THIS CLOSING RECEPTION MY METAL JEWELRY WILL BE FOR SALE IN THE BOUTIQUE

. The regular show is up for viewing W-F and Sun. from 1:30pm to 4pm and Sat. from 11 am to 4 pm.

Because of a mishap I can not take photos of the works in the show until later this week. Aiming to get photos uploaded by this Thursday.

But it is exciting to report that my sculpture, "Full Metal Jack" rabbit sold at the opening reception before I even got there!

(posted on 13 Jun 2013)

Having visited the Richmond Art Center in Richmond, California to look around and sign up for a class in chasing and repousse I decided to join the group. A talented and diverse group it is, too. And lucky me, I am just in time to participate in their Annual Member's Show! The opening reception is Saturday, June 15th from 5pm to 7pm. I entered a small portrait painting as my newest painting was still too wet. It is titled, "Bluu", and you can see it on this website! The sitter for this painting reminded me of Curt Cobain (in looks) and being an artist himself he had a very moody, boho hip look and aura. I went with that and further created looseness by using a palette knife throughout, even in delicate areas.

By the way, the address of the Richmond Art Center is 2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond, California 94804. It is not far off the freeway so is easy to find. There will be many other artists in the show so come on down and see what appeals to you.

Stay tuned as I will be uploading photo of newest sculpture and painting when they are dry (couple days).

Happy Days, Kate

(posted on 8 May 2013)

Our table at the Maker Faire opens at 10am to noon on Sunday, May 19th. I will be assisting my wonderful, talented friend Joanne Oppenheimer.

People will make their own Beaded Spiral Bracelets and all the materials are FREE. We will have the necessary tools, too. So come and see how they are made and walk out with a really pretty adornment. Easy enough for ages 8 and up, too, so mother's and daughters can do this together. Very easy, but with the right beads equally stunning!

In the Jewelry Making Section other fun projects are also available to try for FREE. It will be a fun day. Go online and see what Maker Faire has to offer. So many things everyone can try that will appeal to men, women, or children. Make a day of it or two days of it as the whole shebang opens on Saturday, May 18th. We are only there are Sunday, May 19th.

Again, the address is San Mateo county Event Center, 2495 S. Delaware St, San Mateo, ca. Google online for directions and particulars about the Maker Faire. See you there!

Hi Everyone,

I will be helping my wonderful, talented friend, Joanne Oppenheimer, at the fabulous Maker Faire coming up Sunday, May 19th. ( The Faire runs Saturday also, but we are only scheduled for Sunday.) The Faire opens at 10 am. We do not have the time yet when our teaching event begins but probably safe to say somewhere around 10:30 and onward a couple hours. We are doing Beaded Spiral Bracelets. Bring yourself , your family, friends, capable kids. Our demo and teaching and materials are FREE. Yes, FREE. ......The Maker Faire is at the San Mateo County Event Center, 2495 So. Delaware St, in San Mateo, California. Look for the table for Beaded Spiral Bracelets, with Joanne Oppenheimer and Kate Anderson.

Then, please note that Joanne will be an exhibitor (no sales) at the University of California San Francisco's Recyled Materials Jewelry Exhibit, May 19th, from 10am to 1pm @ Mulberry Union. It is mid-day, but if you are near-by it would be a worthy break for an art fix.

The AWA 20th group art show is coming up. This group is Alameda Women Artists of which I am a member. We are allotted three pieces to show. I aiming for one mixed media sculpture and two paintings. One painting is ready and in revue here, another is to miraculously happen, and the sculpture is being worked on Now. Will let you know the exact timing on this soon.

And stayed tuned for more. Bye for now.

(posted on 22 Apr 2013)

Hi Everyone,

This blog will allow me to let you in on some of my art ideas, endeavors, successes and flubs and what is going on at upcoming events. I can even share things in-progress with you. That should be a lot of fun. And you are free to send feedback through the guestbook link or the contact link. Ideas are always a good thing. So, I'm counting on you and me. We are in this together, folks, and we can make this a big hoot.

This website is almost ready for YOU, but still has a little tweaking to go. But we are almost there. Hang in there. Something's about to happen.

Hearts Everyone,


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