katja blu designs
Expressionist paintings, metal jewelry, and sculpted creatures by Kate Anderson

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I like your paintings
Isabella Salaverry - 16 Sep 2013
LOVE your new work Kate, especially the copper jewelry. Such joy in your work! Congratulations.
Kanika - 20 May 2013
Kate, you did it! Congratulations on your site :D Looks fantastic - artfully yours, nicole
nicole wakeman - 29 Apr 2013
LOVE THE SITE! And I love seeing your work on display. You've worked hard for this and it shows. Congrats Kate
Beth Anderson - 24 Apr 2013
Hi Kate, Looks good and congratulations. Will enjoy watching it and reading your blog. Many best wishes to you! Ann
Ann Saibeni - 23 Apr 2013
Great to see your work online again. I am impressed with the latest metal work. Go Katja!
Joanne Oppenheimer - 23 Apr 2013
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